Friday 22 February 2013

Bog standard

Eskimo weather today. Before travelling to the boatyard we had a "lively discussion" regarding central heating on the boat. The "normal" radiators (which I prefer) are already in place but Lynne belatedly decided she would prefer the continuous floor-level ones. Having reviewed our limited funds I think the discussion ended in my favour. A great start. Things did not improve when we arrived due to two swans attempting to climb the steps as we wanted to descend. After a lot of aggressive body language and hissing (by the swans) we managed to enter the boat shed. The bed base is now fitted with space for four large drawers at one end and further storage space beyond the water tank with level gauge fitted. The shower cubicle is fully fitted. The diesel gauge is also fitted and the engine is ready to run. Another "lively discussion" ensued regarding a handbasin in the rear loo. Mick the fitter confirmed a handbasin was not on the specification due to restricted room. Lynne's recollection of the outcome of our discussion with Eddie and Dean a few weeks ago regarding the late addition of a rear loo was that a sink was possible. My recollection was somewhat different. To cut an extremely long story short Mick obtained a price for fitting a handbasin. Bearing in mind some hull and plumbing changes would be necessary the price is considerably more than we can afford. The swans had moved so over lunch at the Dragon further "discussions" were had. I am VERY happy with progress and fittings. I have a working engine and bow-thrusters, fuel and water tanks both with gauges, a multi-fuel stove and a bed. The only thing missing is a magazine rack in the loo. (a man thing). Women couldn't give a stuff about such things and worry over the curtain/blind colour and style, handbasins in toilets, revolving clothes lines, draining board design and where the ironing board will go. (a woman thing). We discussed our specification (which falls approximately within our budget) but agreed a higher spec would inevitably cost more than we have, ("Simples" the meerkats would say) The remainder of lunch was quiet, as was the journey home. We have friends visiting from London tomorrow wanting to see the boat so I'm hoping for a cheerier trip.

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