Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Sunny and pleasant day but with the same freezing wind. Received all the necessary paperwork from DVLA to change the registration number on our "new" car today and another obsolete number to allow the naval insurance company to scrap the Yaris. Having informed insurance of their "new" Yaris number we went to the nearest Halfords with said paperwork and credit card to arrange production and fitting of plates. The young assistant was very helpful and informative. Having taken our order and payment he requested we look around the store for 15 minutes whilst he made the plates. Spending 15 minutes in Halfords is not very exciting when you don't need to buy anything. One bike looks much the same as another and the same applies to spanners. However, after 15 long minutes we returned to the desk to be presented with plates, brilliantly made, but with the wrong figures and numbers. He apologised and arranged for us to return tomorrow for our new,correct, plates to be fitted. It is typical of us to encounter the only Halfords dyslexic number plate assistant in the country. Charnwood council rang to confirm our partying neighbour had received a verbal warning to avoid upsetting the street again and this action could escalate to an ASBO if other offences follow.To be fair we have had no problems for weeks and the cannabis factory appears to have disintegrated in recent winds.

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