Saturday 9 February 2013


Snow, rain and mist this morning, all at the same time. Old John was completely lost in the mist until mid-morning when things brightened up a bit. We delivered the TV to MCC and got the chance to be on Tardis Two alone, which was nice. The picture above is of the markings in the galley where our underfloor wine-cooler will be fitted. With that settled and the TV on site all the important features are now in place. Standing on the stern of Tardis Two (where the tiller will be) and looking along the boat made me realise how big the damn thing is. It will be fun getting her round the canal system!We confirmed our next visit late next week with Marian before reluctantly retiring yet again to The Dragon. Margaret was unable to join us this morning as she was snowed-in. She lives in the middle of nowhere near Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, which appears to be suffering far worse weather than us "up north". My hike round Bradgate park the other day resulted in no major aches or pains, thankfully, although my knees have a protest every once in a while. Having realised the distance covered I'll cycle next time. The blog title? Another of those song-stuck-in-my-head days yesterday, this time "Give a little bit" by Supertramp. My love of twelve string guitar riffs ensures this one rises to the surface regularly between the Eagles and Led Zeppelin, so don't be surprised if they appear in future on another blog (but not together).

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