Saturday 16 February 2013

Match of the day

Lots of results today and I don't intend to mention the Arsenal versus Blackburn FA cup match. Surrey girls beat Staffordshire and then Yorkshire to progress into tomorrows semi and then hopefully final. Surrey boys also won both matches and play again tomorrow. A word of advice for new bowling supporters. It is vital you loudly shout "Go on" as the ball reaches half way down the lane. This apparently causes more of the pins to fall over. On our way back from the boatyard yesterday we went cross-country and admired the incredible countryside, lots of it still underwater. At one point we saw a large flock of sheep stranded on an island in the middle of a large field/lake. We also saw pigs and cows but no horses. At Stenson they are currently working on five narrowboats including ours, two in the metalworking shed, two in the fitting shed and one in the paintshop. The guys must get confused? Hopefully we won't end up with a gin-palace. Apparently the Chinese are jumping aboard the horse-meat wagon by selling quarter panda's.

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