Friday, 8 February 2013

Real progress

As the title suggests our visit to Stenson today was very rewarding. I've finally been able to accept that Tardis Two definitely exists and is mine. Top picture is of our bedroom. The mattress fills the entire width and underneath the bed will be the fresh water tank. (Note: It is NOT a water bed). The next picture down is of the galley where the cooker, fridge, sink,freezer and microwave will be fitted. Photo three is of the multi-fuel stove in the cabin corner in front of the shower room and toilet. The bottom picture gives an idea of the final external colour scheme, currently on one side only. Apparently they finished the external refurbishment of a 10 year old MCC boat and took the opportunity to move Tardis Two into the empty paint bay where they gave the port side (bow side to any rower) a first layer of top-coat. You will note how light the interior is, particularly when you consider it is currently housed in a shed. You will also note most of the lights are now fitted. Lynne had a long discussion with Mick the interior fitter regarding kitchen layout and agreement was reached, I think. All in all we left for the Dragon two very happy people. MCC have requested we take the boat TV over tomorrow which will give Margaret and Bob the chance to see progress on Tardis Two after many weeks. Our trip to the Dragon proved eventful as soon after arriving I discovered my syringe and needle were missing from the diabetes kit bag. The barmaid informed me of a chemist in the village centre but unfortunately it closes for lunch. I waited (in the pub of course) and returned at opening time. The chemist staff were happy to help and sold me a pack of 10 syringes and needles for £1.99, no questions asked. Apparently that is the correct price, which surprises me given the rip-off prices normally charged to the NHS by drug and medical equipment suppliers.Thanks to the chemist and patient Dragon staff I was able to have a wonderful lunch before returning home virtually floating on air.

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