Monday 11 February 2013

Swiss alps

Snowing again this morning. Roads OK but everything else covered. The flood plains Bradgate park resembles a scene from the Swiss alps, very pretty but only from a respectable distance. Booked a dentist appointment this morning having filled-in the medical form. Ran out of room in the section headed: List drugs currently taken.Also received confirmation of my wish to join the organ donors scheme. Not sure anyone would want to receive one of my organs but I've listed Brain as first option! We now have 83 photo's of the boat with a few weeks still to go before completion. Anthony Armstrong Jones eat your heart out. Back to the subject of fenders I noticed a boat to the rear of the Dragon with old one litre plastic milk containers, but on closer inspection they were full of water and retaining a large tarpaulin over the boat. It appeared vintage (the boat not the tarpaulin) and I can only assume the roof was less than waterproof. With really rough winter weather forecast for the next few days I can only hope Stenson remains reachable, but I'll phone to check before venturing over. What with my dentistry needs and Lynne's required new glasses funds are somewhat restricted until the end of the month, and we still have Valentines day to cope with, even after 25 years. Donations in pounds rather than Euro's please.

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