Sunday 3 February 2013

Fort Hanook

Overcast today but rhino still. Our settlement cheque finally arrived from the naval insurance company, hopefully our last contact with them, but unfortunately two of our sons remain with them till August, so our chances are small. Both are under strict instructions to avoid accidents at all costs or preferably not drive at all. Thr UK's car accident rate would fall considerably if they were all with the naval insurance company. Think of the discounts they could offer and Government savings on the ambulance service. Yesterday was my first time being driven past Fort Dunlop and I noticed the original huge sign only faces the motorway when approached going North, which is not too bad, but coming back the other way in the dark a tiny Travelodge sign is all that can be seen. Fort Travelodge does not have the same impact really, although marginally better than Fort Hanook I suppose? Driving through the infamous "wrong way down a dual carriageway" junction I was informed it was originally a roundabout, so I owe the Birmingham traffic department a partial apology. The original plan was correct but some pillock felt compelled to ruin things after the event. Bernie Eccleston? Eddie Kidd? The local undertaker?

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