Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Gary Lineker

sunny today. I realised I have not reported on the rhino lately. He is OK but now has his mouth permanently open as if bellowing at something in the village centre but I have not seen lions or poachers there. Having previously mentioned I have not suffered any dizzy spells (or a fuzzy head as my doctor calls them) during February yesterday I had two, on top of which my left arm ceased to function twice on different occasions (roughly equivalent to dead-leg I suppose). A rough night followed. I felt OK this morning so completed my walk, but this time over a different route past the Anstey Nomads football "stadium", through a vast and very hilly country park to the Walkers crisp factory in Beaumont Leys, a long-held ambition of mine (sad eh?). Fortunately Gary Lineker was nowhere to be seen and unfortunately the factory does not "do" tours for the public, only schools and reps from other companies. I might print a business card for Golden Wonder, Smiths or Porky's pork scratchings to sneak my way in. Or I could find my old school shorts and jacket, I suppose. Overall I reckon the walk extended over five miles but was completed without problem, although I did suffer a dizzy spell whilst drinking my coffee at home afterwards.

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