Sunday 17 February 2013

Comings and Goings

Glorious sunny day today. The Coventry clouds were stunning, enhanced by the sun shining through and around them. A cloud appreciation society Bafta. I learnt another tip for supporting ten pin bowling today. When the ball first hits the pins shout "come on" very loudly, which apparently helps them fall over. A timely "go on" and a "come on" equals a strike, but you must keep your comings and goings in sequence. Surrey thrashed a couple of shires in the morning but everything went pear-shaped after a Nando's lunch. The final was in a sort-of round-robin format, far too complicated for my small brain on a Sunday afternoon. Suffice to say Surrey did not win. Something I miss London for sprang to mind this morning. I used to enjoy the M25 (sad eh?) as it went past Heathrow airport. Whilst in the inevitable traffic jam you were entertained by the whole range of modern passenger planes taking off or landing, from the massive to the small and everything in-between. In comparison East Midlands airport is a tiddler, with the infrequent appearance of a B737 or A300. Once you've seen one of those you've seen them all. Luckily traffic on the passing motorways seldom stops, otherwise you'd fall asleep.

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