Tuesday 19 February 2013

Beachy Head

I can think of only one word to describe Les Mis........Magnificent. It is easy to see why packed audiences gave it a standing ovation. Our mid-Monday afternoon audience of twelve old fogey's had a problem standing, let alone ovating. Today is a warm and sunny day with clear blue skies. Good enough to cause a huge queue of cloud appreciation society members at Beachy Head. I undertook another of my Bradgate Park walks today, just to prove my increased fitness. This time I repeated my first venture through the park,past the house and round the lake/reservoir which was still frozen after last night's sharp frost. Around the park is six miles, but I'll do that in the car. This morning I went for my exploratory chest Xray in an attempt to find a reason for my ever-present cough.On arrival We paid for one hour of parking and laughed about how often we would need to feed the meter. Amazingly I was in and out in less than twenty minutes,job done. No waiting for hours in one waiting room only to be moved to another and so on. Glenfield hospital, well recommended.Results in ten days. We received yet another cheque from our naval insurance company. This time for £50 as another apology for their incompetence. That just about covers the cost of our endless phone calls to them at eight pence per minute. Healthwise I feel good today after a slight blip yesterday, for some unexplained reason.

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