Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Completed my walk home from Old John, having been dropped off at the nearest entrance to him. There was still a small,steep hill up to him and I was prevented from getting there by a steep slope covered in frozen snow.Maybe next time? The walk home along the road(over four miles) was largely downhill which sounds easy until you realise you have to walk leaning back at forty five degrees. Going uphill you lean from the waist at forty five degrees which is more natural. By half way I felt knackered, but being passed by two jogging old fogeys in shorts and trainers with mud up to their nether regions gave me fresh wind.I passed a buzzard eating breakfast in a field (Findus lasagne?)and lots of wildlife.Linford Newtown is twinned with Bradgate,Iowa and Anstey with some unpronouncable place in France. I've never understood this twinning lark. Do they have identical DNA? I guess it gives councillors a free jaunt every once in a while and helps tourism here when the jaunt is reciprocated. We're off to London this afternoon for Lynne to have her hair cut,as you women do. Staying with our son and partner overnight before returning home tomorrow, weather permitting.

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