Thursday 14 February 2013

Eating less pies

Happy Valentines day for all romantics, or for anyone not Boo-Humbug. As part of my get-fit, lose-weight campaign (see Who ate the pies blog) I got dropped off near Old John again for a walk home.The snow has gone so I climbed up to the old building, carefully avoiding deer droppings and bogs (there's a pun in there somewhere). Would you believe Old John has what appears to be a radio aerial on top? The last few feet to him resembles the north face of the Eiger, but the views are worth the effort. Some idiot has placed a wind farm on the park edge, ruining the view to the Walkers crisp factory. A few yards along the ridge is a war memorial for the Boar war to World War One. A few poppy wreaths are still there which conjures up an image of makeshift Stenna Stairlifts on remembrance Sunday. There can be few memorials in such a spectacular setting. I went cross country to a nearer park gate to home avoiding some ankle-breaking holes too small for a warthog or rabbit but too big for a rat. Groundhogs live in the USA don't they? Before I left Chessington I used to ten pin bowl once a week and row twice a week on top of working so I considered myself fairly fit, hence the new walking bug. We aim to visit the boatyard tomorrow so expect some boat news.

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