Saturday 16 February 2013

picture update

Top photo is engine control panel, minus the fuel guage, left photo is of me looking smug, right photo shows the boat from bow end with the bedroom drop-down TV , shower base and toilet, towel rail, radiators and early stages of galley cupboards/drawers. The battery bank is also fitted but no photo's this time I'm afraid. Today is sunny with wispy white clouds, ideal for the drive to Coventry. Health-wise the past week or two have been pretty good and certainly the best for many months. Less grumpy spells as the weather presenters would say. Thanks to the blogspot crew for suggesting a way round my problem of photo non-posting and the annoying/frustrating....(add your choice of angry words)fault of freezing mid-word or sentence. Apparently lots of their users have identical problems but they are working hard to fix it, bless them.

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