Friday, 22 March 2013

parp parp

Global warming kicked-in with a vengeance today. Outside looks like a christmas card and we're looking forward to a white Easter. Yesterday was the official start of spring but today is certainly a non-cruising one. Boating and blizzards are not good bed-fellows. Yet another visit to the ruddy blind shop, this time to pick up cloth ordered earlier. A roller blind kit should have arrived by now but I expect the parcel van is caught in a snowdrift somewhere. Lynne remains confident all blinds will be finished and fitted before we climb aboard. Another dizzy spell (fit) this morning but no damage done. We aim to increase the Lamotrigine tonight (under medical direction) in an attempt to sort the problem, which is becoming a daily event. However, we have thought of a cunning plan (Baldrick style) to minimise the risk of me falling into the water whilst steering the boat. I have ordered a hooter (the type all old bicycles had on the handlebars) with which I can raise the alarm if I feel a dizzy spell coming on. At the moment I get a few seconds warning. A quick parp parp and closing the throttle whilst hanging on to the tiller and sitting on the bow seat will alert Lynne (making my coffee in the galley) something is amiss and she can rush out to assist. What could possibly go wrong? We have yet to decide where to fit the hooter but at least it will match the chrome metalwork. The rhino still has his mouth open but the lower jaw now looks less likely to fall off, despite the snow,poor thing. I bet he now doubts the wisdom of hiding under a lorry to gain access to Britain via Calais and Dover.

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