Tuesday 5 March 2013

Hernia alert

Warmish sunny day following a night frost. Completed yet another new walk route this morning. I now consider myself a wealth of walking route knowledge around Anstey. I am fast becoming a Leicestershirian as I now have the habit of saying "good morning" or "Hi" to other walkers before they have the chance to get in first. This form of friendliness came as a shock when I first arrived here, but I'm getting used to it now. Whether I have inherited a Leicestershire accent is for others to judge, but I now call rolls cobs. Our supa-dupa mattress made it to Stenson this afternoon. (courtesy of our friends and their giant French people-carrier). It now has pride of place in the MCC chandlery shop, together with our folding dining table and chairs (in a box). Sod's law states that the next customer will require something from the shelves behind the mattress. Surprisingly no hernia's were suffered during these manoeuvres'. We were unable to get the mattress and table onto the boat as the outside topcoat was wet and the wooden floor was being laid. Both look absolutely stunning. Health good today.

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