Saturday, 23 March 2013

Spring has sprung

As you can see late March has morphed into Christmas, and very pretty it is too.I have mentioned before how well the roads up here are maintained and the same applies when any snow or frost falls. The gritters are out like a flash and cover all roads very quickly, big or small. Whilst most parts of the country have ground to a halt we were able to get to MCC through some tiny country roads without problem. As you can see the disgruntled signwriter has completed his work, for which we paid him. We're very satisfied with the result. Tardis Two with the Scroll beneath are on the sides towards the stern, whilst the lone scrolls are nearer the bow. The other Tardis Two's are on the bows (front), apparently a necessity for cruising the Thames. The other photo's show our new bed-settee in the lounge and the almost complete galley. It really is going to be the best looking boat on the water and I can't wait to show it off. My dizzy spells occurred hourly last evening and two hourly this morning, although the last few have only got as far as the warning signs, acid indigestion and foul taste in the mouth (not chicken or turkey), then nothing happens, which is an improvement I suppose. I'll wait a little longer to see how the new pill dosage progresses. Our "support" epilepsy nurse at the hospital continues to be as supportive as a chocolate teapot stand (the cancer one is far better and is a constant point of assistance) I reckon the epilepsy nurse will be very supportive at my autopsy or inquest.

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