Sunday, 3 March 2013

Blind headaches

Warm, sunny and spring-like. Lynne had a sleepless night thinking of boat blinds again. I slept well. The front bedroom window is causing problems due to its sloping sides and position of bedside lights. Curtains are a no no for Lynne and roman blinds are an impossibility. After much head-banging and hand-wrangling a possible solution was agreed on. Simply an upside down roller blind. Pulled from the wider window base up to the narrower window top, secured by clips. A tapered blind basically. Back to the linen shop yet again. Now on first-name terms with the Manager. They don't make roller blinds but know a firm that does, price to be confirmed early next week. Problem solved? Whilst out we did a scenic tour and found a Norman Monastery on top of a huge hill in the middle of nowhere ( St Bernard's ) together with a great pub/restaurant in an absolutely stunning village called Belton which we both fell immediately in love with. The meal was great and good value. The Queens Head is another for our list. We checked house prices on our return and discovered they could be within our reach if cruising ever loses its appeal. Nothing like planning ahead. No doubt we will find other likely candidates on our travels. By sheer coincidence Tracey Thorn's Bedsit Disco Queen features on Radio Four this week, all week. Presumably she will include musical interludes to illustrate the story, which should make it well worth listening to. I believe it is on around 12.45am daily, but check the relevant listings to be sure. Healthwise another good day. I'm off to watch Spurs versus Arsenal, courtesy of Sky, so my health may be boosted further or take a downfall.

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