Sunday, 24 March 2013

No news on New Hare & Hounds

Garden still covered in snow and a few reluctant flakes half-heartedly falling. We're off to our local, The Old Hare and Hounds, for Sunday lunch. We've been here for almost seven months but still have yet to locate the new one.We're happy with the old one anyway. Characterful is the polite way of describing it I think (and the food is good too). Annoyingly "Hey,Hey it's the Monkee's" is today's stuck in my head song (how sad can you get?) especially when I can only remember four lines. Someone reminded me the old parp-parp hooter was standard equipment on the Vespa's back in the old mods and rocker days,remember them? The days of parka's,tiger tails (free from Esso garages)The Who, The Kinks, Donovan, The Jam and Small Faces etc.etc. Fights on Brighton beach with rockers on their Triumphs and Hondas - Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath etc.etc. Oh yes, those were the days! I fitted into the mod category but without a Vespa, tiger tail or parka. I never liked The Jam. However, I did wear Jingle flairs from C&A, complete with tiny bells on the legs. Sad-eh? No dizzy spells or fuzzyheadedness today yet. I'm starting to have real concerns regarding me staying out of the canal, but I haven't come this far to let something as minor as my health get in the way of a dream.

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