Saturday, 9 March 2013


Overcast and cold today but the heavy rain/snow forecast has yet to arrive.I spent the morning sealing the shed roof with mastic. Whoever fitted the roof-felt apparently economised on the amount used and failed to overlap sufficiently to form a waterproof seal. My hours of watching the Great British Bake-off were not wasted. It remains to be seen if my icing skills have worked. I only mentioned to a friend recently how grafitti-free everywhere is up here, only to find lots on the walls of a walkway under the nearby bypass today. It always amazes me how little knowledge of anatomy the average grafitti "artist" has. They obviously do not pay sufficient attention in biology lessons at school and all seem to have inflated opinions of their sexual prowess. I walked across another flood relief lake this afternoon and became aware of the many moles living there, raising images of them snorkelling to survive during adverse weather.

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