Monday, 18 March 2013


Very foggy this morning but global warming kicked-in after lunch.(the sun came up).Talking of getting up, my morning routine must rival that of Dame Edna Everadge. Wake up, check blood sugar, insulin injection(diabetes) Lamotrigine (fits)Fluoxetine (depression)Lansoprazole (acid indigestion)Vitamin B complex (Carpel tunnel) and Omega 3 (?)all washed down with Benecol (cholesterol), then a quick shave and a shower. By which time most of the morning has gone. We collected yet another mirror from IKEA, (got lost again) then delivered it to MCC. Poor old Mick's face drops everytime we appear as he knows more jobs will be required. Lynne had a lively phone discussion with the signwriter, by the end of which the price had almost halved. He seems to make it all up as he goes along so our search for a more realistic alternative continues. We wish to avoid a brilliantly painted boat with crap signage.

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