Sunday, 17 March 2013


It's still precipitating heavily so no walking over lakes today. Talking of water, yesterday we had lunch with a Falklands conflict (it wasn't a war apparently) naval participant who was unfortunate enough to be on HMS Coventry when she was hit and sunk. He is OK now and managing to get on with his life having understandably suffered with post traumatic stress for many years. Inevitably we got into discussing what facilities were available on his return to the UK, which was nil. However, the charity Help For Heroes has built and manages a number of "home away from home" facilities for ex servicemen and their families to help them recover and get back to a "normal" life. Strangely an American charity, The Fisher House Foundation originally donated £1.5 million to help build these facilities and now donates £50,000 annually towards their upkeep. They also provide fully paid holidays for service men, women and partners, mostly donated by airlines, hotels, health clubs and shops, generally in the Channel Islands.I won't repeat the war rant of my first blog (Introduction) but after you've read it again I strongly recommend a visit to the Help For Heroes website.

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