Monday, 4 March 2013

Bermuda shorts and parka's

Sunny (Bermuda shorts) with cold wind (parka). Rhino is bellowing over village again. Reason unknown......Removal of our supa-dupa mattress has been moved to tomorrow afternoon as the vehicle allocated will be in France before Friday (our preferred day). Not too sure where MCC will store it as Tardis Two bedroom is not yet 100% complete. If they cannot accept it we are stuffed because, as previously mentioned, the mattress is of significant bulk and weight, requiring Stobart-like transport. We shall see. After what seems like years of hanging around everything is coming to fruition at once creating stress I could do without. Licencing, insurance, BSS and RCDD conformity certification required, all at the same time and interlinked. One is not available until one or more of the others are in place. The chicken and egg scenario, but I'm sure all will be resolved in due course.(?) After hours of thought we have sussed-out the reasons for my health blip a few days ago. My dizzy spells(fits?)coincide with high blood sugar levels, requiring higher insulin doses to bring them down to acceptable levels. It is almost certain my relatively low insulin requirement over the past 60 years is down to my pancreas producing a small amount of natural insulin. The "new" drug regime has wiped-out the remains of any natural insulin production, hence the increased dosage required. Lower blood sugar seems to indicate less dizzy spells. All that remains is to ascertain my new insulin requirements which unfortunately has to be via trial and error. After almost two months the letter from my consultant at St. Georges hospital has arrived which should assist me getting counselling from my GP for my depression. Hopefully Bye Bye happy pills.

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