Friday, 8 March 2013

Walking on water

My visit to the diabetic nurse this morning turned out to be for A blood test only, results to be reviewed in two weeks time. Head less fuzzy today although I do have a wandering pain starting on the left side of my head, arriving on the right side within seconds, but very infrequently fortunately. I'm not concerned but will mention it to my GP on my Monday appointment. Had my regular walk through Castle Hill country park in the afternoon, this time attempting to locate a medieval fishing pond marked on the plan. Far from being a pristine garden pond with fountain and fishing gnomes it turned out to be a large brown blob with a marshy perimeter. I guess it is covered with bull rushes in the summer. No sign of fish. The country park covers 250 acres and contains two large flood plain relief lakes, both of which I walked over. At this point I have to admit both lakes were dry but fill after heavy rain to take water away from adjacent flood plains. I kept an eye on passing clouds to ensure a thunder storm was not imminent. On the way to the park in an ordinary street I spotted a kestrel sitting on a wooden front gate. Suspecting it was unwell I got closer, only for it to fly less than 6ft to the ground in front of the garage door. At this point I decided to leave well alone, not fancying risking shredded fingers plus finding a new home and medical assistance for the bird ( and me ). The "river" though Anstey and the park is, in fact, the Rothley Brook. Today it was swollen and a muddy brown following yesterday's rain. No boat visit today. Next trip planned Monday or Tuesday. This morning I bumped into the young mum featured in my Katie Price/Dragons Den blog in the village with her pushchair. We exchanged embarrassed greetings and continued on our individual ways, smiling. She obviously recognised me with my clothes on, confirming she also looked at my face in the original encounter.

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