Thursday 5 June 2014

Back to the future

After yesterday's bombshell I slept early and awoke even earlier to consider my options. 
Having struggled long and hard to reach the place I'm at I do not intend retreating at this stage and have opted for a positive outlook.  Cancer cells are hardly likely to spring back into activity twenty-odd years later, surely? 
Anyway, I have little influence on the situation at this stage, preferring to leave the issue in the hands of people I trust implicently, Royal Marsden hospital. I can't hide the fact this is a setback but I'm able to deal with the situation much better than I could have a month or two ago, which indicates progress I suppose.
Today has started bright and sunny, supporting my positive attitude.

A warm,sunny day, most of which we spent on the boat. Having loaded our supplies we had ample time for relaxation and scoffing a pizza each before returning home. We have a lunch appointment tomorrow before returning to the boat with clothes in the afternoon.

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