Thursday, 26 June 2014

One flew over the cuckoo's nest

Apologies, still having problems with internet connections, this time on the Coventry.
There seems to be a lot of loonies let loose this week, mainly in the 80 to 90 age bracket. Our first today was waiting behind us for the first Atherton lock and suddenly walked off along the towpath shouting. I asked his colleague if they had a problem with us. He told me to ignore him as he "is a penny short of a shilling".  We also followed two very old duffers through a series of locks, resulting in me having to help with lock gates and paddles.  Most old male boaters tend to look like rejects from   
Zee Zee Top, but all are friendly. It was sunny and warm again today but the locks seemed easier than on the way up, partly due to mainly walking downhill. We were both knackered so agreed to moor early for dinner.

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