Wednesday 11 June 2014


A bright and sunny day for our early departure to Stanmore hospital for, hopefully, my last leg inspection. Our sat-nav caused a problem by packing up entirely, leaving us helplessly driving in circles around Stanmore, but fortunately we still arrived on time and had an X ray prior to seeing my orthopaedic surgeon, who was very pleased with the healing process and pronounced me
Released from any further visits, but still with the need to check-out the possibility of cancer cells remaining in my leg, although his opinion remained this was very unlikely, but only an expert oncologist could decide, hence my scheduled visit to the Royal Marsden hospital in two weeks time.
I have often voiced my opinion that a lot of the NHS is crap and overloaded with unnecessary bureaucracy, but  one shining exception to this description has to be Stanmore hospital which was actually a pleasure to attend. All staff smile a lot and seem proud to work there. The whole place functions efficiently. It must be something they put in the water. I fully intend recommending the chief executive and his pathetic  entourage from Leicester Royal spend a day or two at Stanmore, where they will inevitably learn something.
A drink at the marina pub and a pizza rounded off a very good day.

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