Friday, 20 June 2014

Coventry & Ashby canals

As usual on the Coventry I was pleasantly woken by the dawn chorus.  The forecast is for a sunny and warm day so the Ashby canal should be a good trip.Lynne discovered a lovely nature reserve in Fradley, based on the original Coventry canal reservoir. It is now very well managed by the canal and river trust and contains fishing platforms and a bird watching hut, plus lots of bird nest boxes and bug boxes. A large wooden dragonfly offers seating and a picnic table. 
For some reason I have yet to fathom Lynne chose to give me basic boating training  for the remainder of the morning. Has my driving deteriorated and hers improved that much? 
The, hot, sunny afternoon promised failed to materialise, but the beauty of the Coventry canal remains undiminished. It's appearance changes regularly, in line with the wild flower and agricultural crop seasons.

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