Friday, 20 June 2014

Where to ?

A sunny but decidedly chilly morning.  We had two options of where to go. Anderton lift or Ashby canal. Checking our canal maps and timetables the lift would have been a lot of cruising for long days, whilst the Ashby is more flexible and relaxing, giving us the option of how long to cruise and when to turn round in order to make my hospital appointments in early July. Having completed some important forms and posted them, done a little food shopping and filled the car with petrol and our worldly goods,we arrived back on board just as the weather changed for the better, causing me to dispense with my track suit trousers and rugby shirt. Don't panic, I replaced them with cooler shorts and a tee shirt. The afternoon was very hot and we made excellent progress, mooring for dinner on the Coventry canal just past Fradley. We should join the Ashby canal tomorrow, complete with several colonies of rare water voles.

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