Thursday 19 June 2014

The good and not so good news

Yesterday proved extremely long, not least due to hold-ups on the various motorways used.  We arrived for my appointment at St George's hospital, Tooting, on -time and left with the best result possible. The scan confirms my tumour has shrunk considerably. So much so that it is deemed necessary to review it 6 monthly. Next scan January 2015, which is good news indeed.
Next appointment at the famous  Royal Marsden cancer hospital in Sutton half an hour later, which proved less conclusive . Samples from my leg operation routinely sent for analysis revealed some lymphoma cancer cells floating around. I was treated for lymphoma at the royal Marsden 24 years ago, by the same cancer specialist seen yesterday, now a professor , who was baffled by the evidence presented. As a result he opted to undertake blood tests yesterday (virtually emptying my right arm in the process), plus body scans and a bone marrow test later.  Whilst he has considerable doubts the problem ( what problem? ) has any links to cancer, given how well the operation wound has healed, he is determined to eliminate any doubts. Hence the tests.
Overall a mixed day, but I remain confident the worst is over, reflecting my improved mental state.
My weight is virtually back to"normal"
England did little to add sparkle to the day by losing to Uruguay in the World Cup .
On a brighter note we hope to set sail again tomorrow.

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