Monday, 30 June 2014

Nervy times

Stayed overnight at our daughter's flat within a reasonable distance of the Royal Marsden (as opposed to 2 hrs from Leicester). Despite being "in town" we were woken by a dawn chorus . A lone blackbird I think.  And sunshine. Despite all this I woke with distinct butterflies in my stomach.  Yet again the results of today's tests can have a major effect on how I live the rest of my life. I' ve lost count of the number of times I've thought that, but now I' m in a better place  it seems to carry even more significance, strangely enough.
In the event all went well. The first PET scan involved adding a dose of radio active gunge to my bloodstream, sleeping for an hour then undertaking a whole body scan for an hour and a half. It was the most silent scanner I have ever been in and apparently it "picks out" lone, live cancer cells, if any. 
Lynne was allowed to sit with me but was requested not to speak ( for two and a half hours, remember ! )
The second scan after lunch was of the conventional type , but again totally silent. A bone marrow test tomorrow. Results of all will be reviewed Friday and relayed to me late next week. Fingers crossed.
An overcast, cool day but sub-tropical hot-spots promised over next weekend

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