Friday, 13 June 2014


Yesterday was as perfect as life could get. Shorts, sandals, sunshine and no rush to get anywhere.
Apart from hitting another boat head-on in Alrewas, fender to fender and very slowly. No damage done and both "drivers" admitted mutual fault with a smile ( boaters are like that ). There was, of course, an expert witness, you know the sort, big head, equally big mouth and stomach,very small brain, who tried desperately to get involved but both parties had already decided he was a Pratt and cruised on regardless. In the centre of Alrewas there is a very long and narrow bend, exacerbated by exercise -phobic boaters mooring on the outer curve. Tardis Two is 62 ft and the other boat involved was also as long, hence each has a steering point with 31ft overhang front and back. A narrow, sharp bend is hard to negotiate at the best of times without the need to avoid moored boats, one of which happens to have Mr Pratt aboard.
Lunch on the River Trent,see below.
Relaxed or what?
Today started equally warm and sunny.

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