Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Coventry reprise

No doubt you will have realised two blogs have appeared on the same day,entirely due to technical reasons. The Ashby is as short of mooring spaces as it is internet and mobile phone connections. Sorry.
So far on the return trip we have seen a huge Pike, obviously of sufficient size to have been living on duck and moorhen chicks for several months before his demise. Also a tufted duck (see photo). I assume it escaped from domesticity at some stage in the past but now shares the canal with Mallards.
There seems to be a natural pecking order (  sorry ) amongst canal waterfowl. Cygnets are well behaved and rarely cause problems for parents. (public schools.)Ducklings are fairly indisciplined and cause a few problems (state secondary schools) while moorhens are lousy parents and the chicks do what they want, causing chaos and frequently getting lost in the meantime ( borstal). They are all cute and good for a laugh.    We're having a gentle cruise home  so have moored above the Atherton locks to allow a fresh assault on them in the morning. At this rate England will be home before us. Apparently
Roy Hodgson has arranged a consolation match against Iceland. If we win that we play Asda and then Sainsbury's.

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