Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Oh, what a beautiful morning

Sunshine and blue sky, only airline vapour trails spoiling the perfect scene. Today is the last sector of our return to the marina where Tardis Two will relax for a day whilst we rush down to London for two hospital visits. The next boat trip will be longer-term ( hopefully ).
Our current mooring on the River Trent is one of our favourites, previously used several times. We pass this spot each time we come and go from the marina in Barton. It is isolated, extremely quiet and perfect for us.............heaven .
Arrived at marina in time for lunch with temperatures plummeting. Lynne sailed Tardis Two through the narrow marina entrance and reversed into our berth perfectly,despite it being windy. I think I may be redundant ?  
A day on dry land tomorrow , albeit in scanning machines, but we both feel seasoned boaters now.
Time to remove the L plates? They remain good conversation starters, so perhaps not.

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