Friday, 27 June 2014


The butterfly below (cinnibar) was spotted by Lynne yesterday alongside the Coventry canal, but today is certainly not butterfly weather. Precipitating and cold, hence we have not moved far. However, a charming couple passed at a seriously fast rate ( for a narrowboat ) which caused Tardis Two to break stern mooring. My appearance on the stern brought a response from the charming driver along the lines of"what's the bleep problem? I'm on tickover".   I suggested he gets his engine checked. A few choice swear words followed as he disappeared into the rainy distance.
In fairness very few boaters are like that. Most have an education and manners. They slow down past moored boats and politely warn you if there is a mooring problem with your boat. This guy was the Suarez of the waterways, a moron and a Pratt, but it takes all types. 
We are not in a rush so are waiting for the rain to ease. Ironically we are short of water. The last waterways tap we stopped at was faulty and the one before was very congested. The next one is in Fradley, half an hour ahead, if and when the rain stops.    The rain stopped and we made it to Fradley, managing to fill with water and Empty rubbish bins and cassettes before a gigantic thunder storm arrived, so we completed our tasks without getting soaked.

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