Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Bright and sunny. Ideal for fence painting. The rest of the week sounds great for cruising, so post- leg check-up tomorrow, we're ready and extremely keen to go, even if our "window" is "only" 6 days ( I'm not complaining ). We have the rest of the summer and I really need to see a dentist as I've lost half a filling where I previously had route-canal work several years ago. The half tooth causes me no problem at the moment but I would prefer to act before it does.
Completing first paint coats on both sheds  and the. Rear fence ( they look great, even if I do say so myself ), gave me lots of time to spin tunes round my head. Recent D day celebrations re-confirmed my sympathy with our troops returning from far-flung conflicts with physical and mental wounds only to be sent off to fend for themselves. My sympathies also extend to our historic bad treatment of Native American Indians, " the last resort" Eagles ,  South American Indians, " City of Dreams"  Talking Heads .

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