Thursday, 26 June 2014

Phylis May 2

Overcast day today, but warm out of a cool breeze, which makes life difficult in the clothing department. One minute you're warm and sweating,the next cool with goosebumps.
Yesterday afternoon we passed Phyllis May 2, a narrowboat owned by Terry Darlington , of          narrowboating novel fame;  Narrow dog to carcassone , when he took it over the channel to Southern France and Narrow dog to Indian River, when he took it down the west coast of America. Finally Narrow dog to Wigan pier, which does exist, honest. 3 very entertaining reads.
Our journey to a night mooring near Fradley Junction was largely uneventful, unless you call a visit to Tesco an event. We met a couple who we got on with like houses on fire, ending up with drinks and a meal in the local pub. The meal was not the best but a good time was had by all and Lynne ended up as p...ed as a newt, requiring assistance getting undressed and into bed.
Healthwise nothing to report other than my fitness continues to improve day by day.

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