Friday 31 May 2013

64 and still going

64 today and the sun is out to help me celebrate. It is even warm. We'll  crack the champagne later. We are moored in a lovely tree-lined part of the Coventry canal which played havoc with my dongle, hence the late publishing of my previous blog . I have nothing but praise for my loaned 3 dongle which has worked perfectly to date (last night excepted). Next port of call Poleshill and a staircase lock of 5 chambers, which should prove exciting.
UPDATE at 8.00pm.     Wonderful day. Brilliant hot and sunny.11 locks and fabulous sights. The hot weather emphasises the physical qualities of boating ladies, renown for their upper body muscles due, I presume, to all that hard work on the locks. Their upper body muscles and low tops combine to make boating a whole new experience ( I must go to spec-savers). The day has just finished with a meal at a pub in Hartshill. Lynne has a line full of washing and we walked back to the boat past a Buzzard on the ground nearby and a Muntjac deer (google it) "barking" in the woods. What more could you ask for?  We cracked the champagne for breakfast, much to the amusement of passing boaters. Lynne's L plates , one on the stern, one on the bow, also raise many eyebrows and a smile or two. We may have to remove them soon as  Lynne is becoming very expert at handling TARDIS Two , having tackled all the locks on this trip to a very high standard. We are off to  Hawksbury Junction and the Oxford canal tomorrow, all being well. To do so we have to pass through Nuneaton, renown as the Liverpool of the midlands. Stop and you risk losing your hub caps. We do not intend stopping.The dogs in the photo belong to Margaret and are, in order of appearance, Clova and Mellie.

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