Saturday 11 May 2013


Sunny and non-windy for a pleasant change. Our spy at MCC reports the re-blacking of TARDIS two's bottom has been completed, which is great news. Hopefully she will be back in the water very soon.
Healthwise I had two biggish fits yesterday, thankfully pre-warned by acid indigestion ( unfortunately this fails to happen every time because it gives me time to sit down or grab something/someone for support until the fit/dizzy spell passes ). Still no news on the drug change which is frustrating, to say the least......Now, you'll need to concentrate otherwise I might lose you and I might ask questions later.
My tumour is on the right side of my brain, which controls the left side of my body. This explains the fits affecting my left arm for a few seconds, (a sort of dead-arm syndrome) , my head turning to the left during fits and loss of understandable speech. Bits of food lodging on the left of my lower face when eating, despite my best efforts. Lynne has mastered a form of sign language to warn me of necessary knapkin duties. Doctor style writing (unreadable) and odd letters missing from words (I am left handed), thank God for computer auto spell checks. I am also left footed, which gives you an idea of my concerns. Everyone says forget it and get on with your life, which is easy to say if you are not living with it 24/7. I'll need an operation eventually if and when any of the above afflictions get worse, which makes all the TARDIS Two delays even more frustrating. I obviously want to get the maximum cruising days possible, otherwise all the expense and hardship will seem wasted. As it is I am unable to drive or steer the boat so I have already lost two things I love.
Sorry for the downbeat blog but on a brighter note my dongle has arrived (no jokes please) which should allow me to blog from TARDIS Two, providing I can get it to work. Given my lack of computer skills this is no certainty. Time will tell, or Terry in this case. He is a computer expert ( nut?) and has promised to visit TARDIS two in early June, whereby everything will work, providing he can train me to use it. Again no certainty. I can then give daily reports on our progress,adventures and things of note, plus photo 's. It should resemble a Great Britain tourist guide. Book your holiday now.

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