Tuesday 21 May 2013

Pickled obesity

Yet another overcast and cool day. I'm already getting bored and fed-up with the summer. We spent yesterday on a tour of the sights and historic relics (no jokes please)of Leicestershire. This really is a fabulous county so "up yours" all those people who questioned our sanity moving here. This blog has now registered almost 4000 "hits", some from parts of the world I have yet to visit (chance would be a fine thing). I now appreciate some of my references to UK politicians and celebrities are lost on my readers in far-flung places. For instance, Eric Pickles is a larger than life Member of Parliament in the cabinet (not literally) as minister for obesity, I think. In fact he makes a hippo appear  anorexic and the blue whale a lightweight.
Part of our scenic tour included a look at the Trinity Marina at Hinckley in the shadow of the factory still making the famous Triumph motor cycles. The marina is very new and has all the facilities required by boaters, including an adjacent pub/restaurant. I guess the marina owner/manageress once road-tested Triumph motorbikes as her voice transcended even the loudest engine noise, although she was extremely friendly. One for our "possibles" list. The Ashby canal stretches 32 miles from Marston Junction to Moira and Conkers with no locks, passing the Bosworth battle site where the War of the Roses  ended in 1485.
Tardis Two still has a number of small items requiring attention, including listing to the starboard side by about 4 inches, a cupboard that will not remain shut and a missing bilge inspection cover, but nothing serious and all reported to MCC.
The problem of no hot water was solved by our marina friend Richard turning off all the radiators, something we were previously told could not happen. As an aside Richard and his 70 year old wife Eileen had a 22 year engagement and a runaway quiet wedding at Gretna Green, which neither of their families were aware of until after the event. Thereafter they have lived on a narrowboat for the past 3 years.
As a result of the success of my blog it has been suggested I get sponsored or carry advertisements to improve my income. Suggested companies include  Eddie Stobart.........The Co-Op..............The Canal and River Trust...............99p Stores,.........Victoria's Secret...............Lidl or Aldi..............The Birmingham tourist information Trust and the Trafford Centre, amongst others. Further printable suggestions welcome by postcard only.
Healthwise all is reasonably well apart from an acute pain in my chest for the past two days, solved by a conversation with my new Leicester hospital support nurse (who is actually supportive) and an ECG test at my G.P's, all of which pointed to acid indigestion as a reaction to my new drug rather than anything to do with my heart. A course of anti-indigestion tablets was suggested to solve the problem, and already has.

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