Saturday 25 May 2013

To infinity and beyond part 2

Sunny but not too warm for the start of a Bank Holiday weekend.The forecast is good but we've heard that before. Surprise,surprise, our plans for cruising the Leicester ring have already suffered a setback, which seems to be par for the course with us.It is now going to be a 2 - person operation as my brother in law has injured his knee. (I should say one of his knees otherwise it makes him sound like captain hook). His doctor's appointment is Thursday and doubtless he will need a hospital x-ray and treatment, further delaying his availability, but at this stage it's give it a go or stay home as options. I do not need to tell you which we've chosen. Our "crew" are willing to join us at some point on our journey, yet to be decided.We plan to stop at MCC on our way back when they can service the engine, get the boat level and sort out the other faults. We plan to stay there for a week (when the cats will move aboard) and leave for London thereafter. Healthwise I feel confident the trip is possible as I have been fit-free for several days and generally feel much better. This morning we discovered I have been overdosing on the two anti-fit drugs, mainly due to vague instructions from my new consultant and a miscalculation by my GP and Lynne. I'm still alive which is some consolation I suppose.

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