Thursday 23 May 2013

Lynne Hamilton

Sitting in the car on my way to dump our old fence in a vicious hail storm I had time to reflect on Lynne's driving style. Previous to my illness Lynne did little driving as she failed to see any enjoyment in it. Now as our main source of transport she finds driving a necessity but still not enjoyable. In town her driving style resembles that of Lewis Hamilton at Monaco. Out of town it changes to a "whacky races" style. Speed humps simply become launch pads and cyclists chicanes. Signal right and turn left. Signal left and turn right. As a passenger relaxing it isn't but appreciated all the same. In the Yaris overtaking was a long-term plan best attempted On a downward slope. In the Rio overtaking can be attempted absolutely anywhere and in the minimum space available, also relaxing. If Lynne ever gets to read this it may well be my last blog.
We seem to have crystallised our cruising plans. My sister and husband are back from their Cornwall camper van adventures and have agreed to crew for Lynne on the Leicester Ring starting this weekend. The trip takes around 2 weeks over several canals and rivers through  Leicestershire and Derbyshire. It will be nice to finally set sail and leave all our problems behind.

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