Wednesday 8 May 2013

Pit Bull & St.Bernard/Poodle Hybrid

Raining and chilly today. Summer is over? Tardis Two will be removed from the water Friday to be re-blacked. It is just a bit frustrating as we had planned to show and demonstrate her to friends from London over the weekend and they will be making a special trip for it. We'll have to rearrange or take a ladder. We still have confidence in the build quality (I think) but after-sales service needs to be questioned. Failure to improve it will inevitably lead to lack of customer confidence/recommendation inevitably resulting in loss of sales and so on. You or me could resolve the problem overnight. Everyone knows Pit Bulls are not renown for sales,let alone after-sales service, whilst a St Bernard/poodle hybrid would not scare anyone away and is easier to deal with whilst keeping your hands intact. I've seen it many times before where you are a customer until everything is paid for and a hostage thereafter. Some people who are confident they have a job for life have a similar philosophy, although they tend to miss the customer stage and jump directly to the hostage scenario. If the cap fits? We will need to visit MCC before Friday to secure plates, cups and glasses. We also intend to be there Friday morning and stay throughout the blacking process. We need to be confident we can disappear into the sunset without needing to return to Stensen yet again. The return to lousy weather is some consolation I suppose and the further delay gives me a chance to familiarize myself with the new drugs as and when I get them. The glass half full/half empty theory.

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