Monday 6 May 2013

Weekend Reflections

A very mixed bag over the Bank holiday weekend. Firstly the weather. Typically variable for the holiday period covering all possible options with the exception of snow. Following yesterday's blistering sunshine Lynne's face resembles a beet root (only in colour I hasten to add in an attempt to avoid fatal injury.) To balance the equation my face resembles a chocolate Easter egg.
Tardis Two behaved impeccably, especially in difficult circumstances involving strange and life-threatening manoeuvres by two complete pillocks. The only downside being the strange and worrying loss of large swathes of hull blacking ( a layer of rubbery stuff applied to all narrow boat bottoms) which floated to the canal surface like spilled oil at sea soon after leaving Stenson marina. This will inevitably result in her being removed from the water to be sand-blasted and a new coat applied. Worryingly Marian told us she knew about the problem last week but failed to say why nothing was done about it at the time or why we were not informed prior to our trip. The failed catch on our sliding spice rack cupboard will also be attended to. There was worse news for the crew of Wegonanddunnit when large amounts of water needed pumping-out ( from the boat, not the crew) which will also result in removal from the water to check for leaks. The two fits on Sunday were worrying but the results were not serious enough for me to test my life jacket. The subsequent discussions regarding continuation (or not) of my boating career were particularly harrowing until a possible solution was agreed and found to work the following day. This involved keeping my blood sugar levels low, which seems to reduce the number of fits, and Lynne undertaking the bulk of driving duties. This mini crisis did little to help my scheme of gradually getting off the happy pills, but the exercise will continue, albeit slower than originally planned. Other than that the weekend was a great success with enhanced teamwork skills and subsequent relaxation levels. Yet again our plan of disappearing into the sunset has been delayed but at least all the hassles have occurred prior to leaving Stensen where they can, and have, been resolved. Every cloud has a silver lining. Talking of which, there were some spectacular wispy cloud formations yesterday but the lack of equally spectacular pylons took the edge off our excitement levels. UPDATE: My GP is really on the ball so to speak. She has yet to receive the vital letter from my new neurologist regarding changing my anti-fitting drugs, but will contact me by phone and issue a new prescription immediately it arrives. Tardis Two will be out of the water for re-blacking on Friday which rules out any weekend adventures or visits from interested friends and relatives. Remember what I said regarding choosing a good boatbuilder? This advice still holds true but it is a pity we ignored it ourselves. The boat is still good but the after-care is pathetic. We have yet to receive an explanation for failure of the blacking, which should normally last 2 or 3 years. We WILL get an answer. Watch this space.

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