Friday 10 May 2013

Early start

My overnight stay aboard TARDIS Two was abandoned last evening as the weather threatened life and limb, plus I suffered a particularly heavy fit. My Carer considered I was in no fit state to stay overnight on my own in hurricane-like winds with horizontal rain and I was not prepared to argue as I knew I was on a loser. Hence we left Anstey very early this morning to ensure being present when TARDIS Two was taken out of the water to inspect the missing blacking and organise repairs. It proved to be a pointless rush as it was 11.30am before the exercise commenced.(Not as much blacking as we thought had peeled off. Certainly not enough to justify the large lumps that surfaced during our recent cruise. Close inspection confirmed the missing patches had peeled off, rather than scraped, so we were exonerated from blame. However,no reason was decided or offered. Re-blacking will take place tomorrow and access will be available via a set of steps, similar to those used at small airports. The waiting time was not wasted as I took the opportunity of fitting a chrome loo roll holder in the rear toilet and a smoke alarm, the latter in the bedroom (no jokes thank you). We have a carbon monoxide alarm in the living room where the multi-fuel stove is located so it seemed pointless also adding a smoke alarm as it will be triggered whenever the stove is in use, thus the bedroom seems the best location . We will return to MCC again in the morning to check progress and show her to friends, which should prove interesting!

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