Sunday 26 May 2013

Zippidee Doo Dah

.Zippidee A. My oh my what a wonderful day. Plenty of sunshine heading my way etc.etc. I can't remember where the hell the song comes from but it sums-up the weekend so far. Lynne's Tardis Two wardrobe is full but surprisingly not bulging, whilst mine is full of my lonely pair of underpants. The water tank is full and diesel tank sufficiently full for our two week trip. The former will need refilling every two days or so, hopefully the latter will still have some in when we finish.The wine cooler is full and we may even belatedly crack open a bottle of champagne (or two) when our crew arrives. The canals are busy over the Bank Holiday weekend which also signals the start of the hire-boat season, so we're in for a rocky ride. Another warm and sunny start. What could possibly go wrong? The small snagged faults appear to have been completed since our last visit earlier in the week,although the listing is more difficult to identify. Has it been done? A definite maybe. The eye says yes, the spirit level says no. Only the engine service remains outstanding for when we return to base.
We popped into Coventry on the way home (by car) to visit our youngest daughter coaching the juniors at the city bowling alley. Apart from a minor fit (my first in living memory) the evening went well. A couple of fits during the night raised more questions but was  put down to the mid-way point of my anti-fit tablet changeover. Time will tell.
We ended up at Erewash, a pretty village on the Erewash canal (surprise,surprise) following a blistering hot day topped by a cool evening. Having a crew of 4 makes boating so much simpler, particularly at locks.  Lynne and Margaret shared most of the steering duties but I sneaked a go here and there, although the fits have returned thick and fast. Lots of ducklings, cygnets and goslings. Ducklings are by far the least disciplined , dashing around without a care in the world, whilst cygnets are a joy to behold, sticking between mum and dad in perfect formation, or even cadging a lift on mum's back. Goslings are mid-table in this event, but  the parents are not to  be argued with. 
I write this , rain has arrived, which will probably beat on the roof and keep us awake all night. Yet again we missed cracking the champagne, but we still have something to look forward to whilst waiting for the rain to stop

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