Monday 20 May 2013

Gorillas and skunk

Back to normal today. Overcast and generally dull, as was yesterday afternoon following the tropical morning. In addition our hot water supply on Tardis Two disappeared which meant washing up via the kettle. Another issue for Eddie to cure. Our saviors yesterday were: Patrick the reversing king who resembles Doc Brown in "Back to the Future". John who is a long-distance lorry driver who has Sky in his cab and Richard who has a real depth of general boat knowledge. I also met Gerry as he staggered by, apparently returning from a friends 60th (or was it 50th) birthday party, much the worst for wear, in fact drunk as a skunk.  He explained he had been a boater for many years and I asked how long to which he replied "55 feet", which he found hilarious. In short Gerry was very difficult to get away from and ended-up sitting on the back of Tardis Two. In the end another marina resident offered to escort him home, thankfully. On the subject of skunks and other animals it is worth mentioning  your chances of seeing Djala (silverback gorilla) and his large family at Port Lympne wildlife park will soon be disappearing as their transfer back to the wild in Gabon fast approaches. This will be the biggest transfer back to the wild ever undertaken. You can support this project by "Going the extra mile" to raise cash and perhaps win a prize. See www.aspinal

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