Wednesday 29 May 2013

Sent to Coventry

Sunny morning then,guess precipitated . At this precise moment we are moored on the Coventry Canal shortly after Fradley junction where we filled with fresh water, whilst offloading our "used"water and other waste,as you do. A young gongoozler and his mum requested a boat tour which they undertook with Lynne as guide. It all went well until Cody decided to launch himself onto our bed, still with his muddy shoes on. He left Tardis Two quickly. The forecast is showers but this is a hellishly long one. The boat moored next to us last night apparently was a mobile holistic healing centre. we did not partake as all our holistic's are in good order.
The Coventry canal is very rural and far more picturesque than the Trent and Mersey, which is not difficult. 12 miles with no locks until we reach a short stretch with 11 locks. Once again we'll wait for a dry spell before moving on.
The dry spell lasted all of 30 minutes before an even longer and heavier shower commenced and is yet to stop. We all got soaked mooring up yet again so here we'll stay. It is great fun this cruising lark.

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