Thursday 30 May 2013

Raindrops and head

It did not stop raining overnight and we realised in our rush to overnight moor we had missed the busy A38 dual carriageway right next to the canal. A quiet night it was not but I slept anyway.  It was still heavily precipitating when we got up around 9.00am but thought it best to make a move anyway in the hope sunshine would prevail, which it didn't of course. Eventually we passed a boat and floating workshop of "The small chimney company" who make stainless steel boat chimneys, one of which we wanted. As if by magic it stopped raining so we stopped for lunch, walked back to the workshop and returned with a brand new chimney ( a birthday present from Margaret ). It looks great and should outlast the boat, according to the manufacturer.  After lunch we had a leisurely cruise in real sunshine, I'll repeat that, in real sunshine, until we reached Fazely Junction for a water refill and rubbish dump, when it rained yet again.  I should mention the Coventry canal is a gem and almost matches the Mon and Brecon canal in Wales for sheer beauty. In sunshine it would be stunning.   something I conveniently forgot to mention yesterday was our latest "loose mooring" incident. This time nothing to do with our lack of knot-tying skills. The wood onto which we moored for lunch was badly secured to the wood posts in the bank and gave way once another boat passed, launching us, complete with wooden side-board, into the canal. Once rescued we moved on to more secure moorings, still in pouring rain.
This evening we moored in quieter surroundings near the ruins of a very old Priory, in dry and warm conditions. The rotary washing line went up on the stern and loads of undies, a bra and various jeans/track suit bottoms were pegged-on. Home from home.

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