Wednesday 1 May 2013

Kamikaze cats

At 0430 it is impossible to predict what todays weather will be. I'll confirm later at a more realistic time. The reason for my early awakening was a very loud metallic thump from the kitchen downstairs where our two guard cats spend the night. There followed a lengthy period of what sounded like metal being dragged around, plus I had a minor dizzy turn. Both events encouraged me to reluctantly get out of bed. Almost fully back into the land of the living I ventured downstairs to discover two cats queuing for food behind the kitchen door. Nothing unusual there. A cloth bag, normally stored on top of a very high kitchen cupboard above the microwave was on the floor and an extremely heavy metal casserole pot and an equally heavy lid teetered on the edge of the very same storage spot. Either being dislodged would almost certainly have resulted in at least one crushed cat, a destroyed microwave, badly damaged kitchen top, broken floor tiles and yet more noise. Luckily none of the aforementioned disasters occurred, with the exception of waking me up at some unearthly hour quietly swearing to myself. Needless to say I neglected to give the cats a very early breakfast, made myself some coffee, started blogging and returned to bed.0830 I finally emerged from my pit yet again, this time to brilliant sunshine and breakfast of scrambled egg on toast. Outside it is wind-free and warm, which is typical of England. I spent some considerable time fitting my "African" weather vane to the garden shed yesterday. Until then it had lanquished in the shed, having been transported here during our move last September. It basically indicates the wind direction and, of course, there is not a hint of wind today so remains in the position I placed it. Today is an ideal one for cruising which makes my current predicament all the more frustrating, to say the least. At this rate it will be autumn before we get away.Confirmation of my private appointment arrived today and, boy, am I looking forward to it. A light at the end of yet another tunnel? I now sympathize with how an earthworm feels. A friend has asked to view Tardis Two this afternoon so another visit is planned. I'm not sure it is a good idea but these things have to be faced I guess.

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