Friday 24 May 2013

Mr.nice guy

Ditto.  I must be feeling better(I am) as I awoke this morning feeling much more militant and ready to take on the world. Having praised MCC (Midland canal company)in the past my patience has finally run out, which is a pity as their staff remain wonderful against all odds. Having emailed management (currently on holiday somewhere warmer than here. The arctic?) I surprisingly received a coded reply , or was it poor english? saying the TARDIS Two first engine service cannot be done until June 3rd or the other little niggles until early July. Sod any arrangements we may have ( like cruising.tsk.tsk) the workshop is in full use till then. Never mind all the jobs can be done whilst moored on the canal or in the marina and can be completed in one day (according to one of the staff, who wishes to remain anonymous ). Never mind the customer service, admire the workshop. We plan to start the Leicester ring cruise this weekend which takes two weeks so I emailed back giving management this information and giving them a "spare" week when the works could take place in mid June, bearing in mind we need to be in London for early July. That trip takes 2 weeks. Sod your plans, ours should/will also be considered. It is not our fault you made so many foul-ups. No more Mr.nice guy.

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